Our Company

Everything Spanish
Jose Luis (the owner) is Half Spanish (mother Amparo Carpintero-Salgado from Sacedon) and Half English
Since migrating to New Zealand in 1999, Jose Luis has been trying to bring a little bit of Spain to New Zealand
Jose Luis has travelled extensively around Spain sourcing only the best products from over 60 Suppliers.

In 2009 he started an on-site Paella Catering Company and since then the company has been growing rapidly and now includes:-
Pepitos Tapas Bar Milford - www.pepitos.bar
Cook at Home Paella - www.paella.co.nz
Jose's Spanish Churros - www.joseschurros.com
Paella Pan's for Sales - www.paella-pan.co.nz
Spanish Torrefacto Coffee - www.pepitos.coffee